Frequently Asked Questions

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Is this theme 'One-Click Installable'?

Yes, the theme installation is very simple and can happen with just a click.

Butterfly is a fully customizable theme and our team can help you customize it as per your need.

Please Contact Us or fill the contact form to request customization.

Free Update (Same Odoo Version)

Yes, we provide free updates to Theme Butterfly for the same Odoo Version. We make changes to the theme from time to time and make sure that all our customers benefit from it. You can always download the latest version of the theme, replace your old theme module with the latest theme module.

Free Upgrade to new odoo version ?

No, you will have to purchase the theme for the new Odoo version. As per the new policy of Odoo, starting from version 13.0, every version of the module is to be bought separately.

The cost of migrating a theme, is not included into purchased module of Butterfly. It will considered as a separate service with additional charges.

No! You can not resell or distribute this theme. This theme can only be used in your Odoo system.